Goodbye Gum Disease - Organic Home Remedy for Oral Gum Disease | 100% Pure Neem and Clove Essential Oils for Oral Care | Effective and Natural Gingivitis Treatment

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  • GoodBye Gum Disease - Organic Home Remedy for Oral Gum Disease | 100% Pure Neem and Clove Essential Oils for Oral Care | Effective and Natural Gingivitis Treatment

  • NEEM OIL IMPROVES GINGIVITIS: Neem essential oil is an antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria which causes gingivitis. Neem is known to reduce inflammation and to remove tooth decay, which will improve oral health.

  • RECEDING GUMS CURE: Neem and clove oils are the best essential oils for curing receding gums. Neem oil heals damaged tissues and clove helps develop tissue which will repair receded gums.

  • REVERSE GINGIVITIS AND RESTORE ORAL HEALTH: GoodBye Gum Disease is a homeopathic treatment solution formulated to fight the bacteria that causes plaque buildup, which is the number one contributor of gingivitis. Dont allow plaque and bacteria to continue to destroy the bone and gum structure - simply improve the health of your mouth with an oral health daily regimen that includes the use of GoodBye Gum Disease.

  • CLOVE OIL PROMOTES ORAL HEALTH: The main compound in clove is eugenol oil, which is a powerful analgesic with antiseptic properties. It also has natural anti-inflammatory properties which decreases uncomfortable and painful swelling. This is why clove is an effective essential oil for toothaches. Also, clove oil reduces the bacteria which causes gum disease.

The health of your mouth has an impact on everything you do. If you are suffering from sore gums, a gum infection or a toothache, it has a tremendously negative impact on your life. It affects the important aspects of talking, eating and drinking. Plus, if you are experiencing pain, it affects your mood and enjoyment. For these reasons, superior oral care practices are important to reduce the impact of issues that can cause poor health and discomfort.

GoodBye Gum Disease is not only an all-natural preventative oral care solution, but also a restorative solution for gingivitis, which is gum inflammation usually caused by bacterial infections. Reverse gingivitis with the proven effectiveness of our proprietary blend of Omega 3 and 9 oils infused with neem and clove essential oils. And, if you currently suffer from poor oral health, such as bleeding gums, tooth pain, and sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, introduce GoodBye Gum Disease into your daily oral care routine. It is the best natural gum disease cure.

The directions are easy. Simply ensure you brush your teeth first with a soft bristled brush (not included with this purchase). This process helps the healing process and the effectiveness of our gum disease treatment. Then, dispense a dropperful of GoodBye Gum Disease into your mouth, swish throughout your mouth, and dispel the serum. Over time your gums should become strengthened and your mouth healthier to prevent the occurrence of uncomfortable mouth conditions.

If the health of your mouth has deteriorated with age or if you suffer from gingivitis or gum disease, then there has never been a better time to introduce our GoodBye Gum Disease organic formula to your daily routine.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review