Oh K! Head-to-toe Facial, Hand, Foot Masks, 6 Pack Gift Set

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Product Overview

  • OPTIMAL ABSORPTION OF NUTRIENTS: 90% of hydrogel mask is essence itself, absorbs easily into skin; 2-part mask contours to skin, seals in its hydrating formula for optimal absorption

  • MADE IN KOREA: Concentrated formulas using natural extracts that address your beauty concerns for glowing hydrated skin, soft hands, lips and feet, and reduce under eye puffiness

  • SOCKS & GLOVES INCLUDED: For the hand and foot masks, simply pop on the gloves or socks and relax while the ingredients work its magic

  • KOREAN-INSPIRED BEAUTY: Look for innovative skin care with compellingly fresh formulations that deliver results from the UK's Korean-inspired line Oh K!

Head-To-Toe Facial, Hand, Foot Masks, 6-Pack Gift Set


(No reviews yet) Write a Review