Parissa Assorted Size Wax Strips (24 strips), Pack Of 3

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Product Overview

  • Quick and easy to use: pre-lined wax strips come ready to use! Simply press on & zip off.

  • 100% natural ingredients: All Parissa products are made of natural ingredients. The strip which is made from - cellulose, which is a biodegradable material.

  • Complete waxing Kit: contains 24 (12x2 sided) strips, 8ml Azulene after-care oil and photo instructions.

  • Convenient & mess-free: these ready to use wax strips are perfect for travel or quick touch-ups and do not require heating or applying warm wax with other accessories.

  • Size : 3 Pack

Size:3 Pack Parissa waxing strips assorted sizes are ready-to-use pre-lined wax Strips for hair removal. These all-natural wax Strips are easy to use and highly effective. This waxing Kit comes with everything you need for smooth skin in minutes. The kit includes 24 Assorted sized, ready-to-use wax Strips for instant hair removal as well as an 8ml bottle of Azulene aftercare oil. Perfect for beginner waxes, travel, and touch-ups. These sensitive skin formula wax Strips are designed for waxing underarms, face and bikini areas. Simply warm the strips between your hands for a few seconds and then slowly peel them apart into two strips. Apply a wax strip onto an area of unwanted hair, in direction of hair growth. Then quickly Zip away in the opposite direction. Apply Azulene Oil to easily remove any excess wax and sooth the skin. Parissa Wax Strips are made from 4 simple, all-natural ingredients: pine resin, castor seed Oil, beeswax & Mineral powder. Faqs: how long will I stay smooth? Regrowth time varies from person to person. But expect to be stubble-free for 2 to 6 weeks after waxing. Are Parissa Wax Strips available in different sizes? Parissa Wax Strips come in larger size strips for legs & Body, and this smaller size for the face & bikini areas. There is also a brow shaper wax Strips kit specifically designed for eyebrow waxing. However, you can use all sized wax Strips anywhere on the body as suits your shape.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review